News in Brief 08/30

News in Brief for Summer 2016

Rae Linda Brown leaves LMU's provost office

After eight years as the first associate provost for undergraduate education, Rae Linda Brown has left LMU. As of Aug. 1, 2016, Brown has assumed the position of provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. Brown's accomplishments at LMU include the founding of the a cappella group Notetorious and the restructuring of several programs on campus such as the Office of National and International Fellowships, the Office of Disability Support Services, the Academic Resource Center and the Study Abroad program which resulted in the doubling of study abroad opportunities for LMU students.

Philosophy professor passes away

Philosophy professor William S.K. "Scott" Cameron passed away at the age of 54 after a long battle with cancer. He had been a professor at LMU since 1994 and was the faculty adviser to the philosophy department's student club, the Philosophy Society. Additional achievements include the founding of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy and serving as director of LMU's Ethics Minor Program. He leaves behind his wife, Margie, and their four children.

Paul S. Viviano Named Chair of LMU Board of Trustees

Paul Viviano, president and chief executive officer of Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, has succeeded Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead as board chair after her five-year term. Viviano has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2010. His experience includes serving as the chief executive officer of several major healthcare organizations, and serving on the Board of Directors for Alliance HeathCare Services and was appointed as a member of the LMU Board of Trustees.

Joe LaBrie steps down as Chief of Staff

After serving as chief of staff for over six years, Joe LaBrie will step down on Dec. 31, 2016. According to President Timothy Law Synder, LaBrie was central in launching the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination, as well as the development of the Casa de la Mateada Study Abroad program. He will enjoy a sabbatical before returning to the psychology department in spring 2018.

Sami Leung is a senior Psychology major from Cerritos, California. In her free time, she likes to read trendy books, go out to boba, and sing duets with her pet snake Elvis.

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