November 2, 2016

Simple assault on campus took place in Hannon Loft. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) daily crime log cited the incident as, “Hannon Loft, an intoxicated individual in a physical altercation with a DPS officer.” The Loyolan received an email from Preeti Kohli, senior marketing and graphic design major, who addressed concern over the incident and what she believed to be a lack of transparency by Public Safety. Kohli said she observed the student be arrested by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers. According to the Public Safety crime log, the incident is still open and under investigation.

November 6, 2016

Students and Playa Vista residents reported seeing a mountain lion close to LMU's campus. Gryphon Boss, Playa Vista resident and non-LMU student, received a text message from a neighbor warning him about a mountain lion. Boss told the Loyolan, “My neighbor called to let us know there was a mountain lion sighting under the LMU sign,” Boss said. “I like running on the Bluff Trail but will definitely be more cautious next time I go up there.” Joseph Robinson, junior entrepreneurship major, heard helicopters circling the bluff. Robinson said the helicopter had a speaker that he said could be heard saying, “Let me know if you see anything.” Chief Hampton Cantrell from Public Safety did not reply to requests for confirmation by the Loyolan. A representative from LAPD said he had no record of the incident taking place. One Playa Vista resident took to Twitter saying, “uh-oh. if i get eaten by a mountain lion my first day in the new playa vista YouTube office…well, actually, that would be hilarious.”

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America is a meritocracy. It rewards hard work, not whining, burning flags and wallowing in your own imaginary "oppression".

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