Lawyers for Luke Visser requested house arrest and a reduction in sentencing last month. Visser, an LMU transfer student, pleaded guilty to six counts of hazing and one count of conspiracy to commit hazing, according to State College News.

Visser was sentenced in April to two to six months of jail time after pleading guilty, as reported by Onward State. He was also fined and ordered to complete community service, as reported by State College News.

This was in relation to his role in the 2017 hazing incident that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza at Penn State’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity house, according to CBS News.

According to Onward State, a student-run news website that reports on issues impacting the Penn State community, Visser’s attorneys are seeking house arrest for Visser in Encinitas, California, where he currently lives. Onward State cited court documents in which Visser’s attorneys mentioned that if Visser had remained in Pennsylvania, he would have been sentenced to house arrest.

Visser’s attorneys also cited their client’s health in asking for a more lenient sentence. Visser suffered a significant shoulder injury last month while playing for the LMU club lacrosse team. His attorneys argue that he will need four to six months to recover from his upcoming surgery, according to Onward State.

Visser’s attorneys also said the court “failed to take into account the extraordinary remorse clearly demonstrated by Visser,” according to State College News.

Piazza’s death led to criminal charges against 28 former fraternity members, according to CBS News.

Additional reporting by Jacob Cornblatt, editor-in-chief.

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