Three LMU fraternities on probation

LMU fraternities Beta Theta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Chi are on probation following events that occurred during the last school year, the Loyolan has learned.

The University prohibited Beta Theta Pi and Lambda Chi Alpha from participating in fall recruitment this semester due to overnight parties with alcohol, according to Greek Life. Sigma Chi is on social probation for the year following allegations of hazing that came out last year, but will still be allowed to recruit.

Beta Theta Pi is on social probation because a formal in April did not adhere to the responsibilities in the Sorority and Fraternity Policy set forth in the University's Community Standards booklet.

President of Beta Theta Pi, Justin Pasquale, who was president at the time of the offense, took responsibility for the infraction and chose to focus on the positive steps his organization is taking in the aftermath.

"We recognize our mistake and we are working with LMU intensely, which includes Student Psychological Services and LMU CARES." Pasquale said.

In 2015-2016, Judicial Affairs investigated Sigma Chi for charges of hazing pledges, according to Alexandra Froehlich, assistant director of Greek Life. Judicial Affairs' investigation into alleged hazing from Sigma Chi resulted in that fraternity’s social probation for the entire 2016-2017 school year.

Froehlich told the Loyolan that Lambda Chi Alpha's probation resulted from incidents that occurred in April involving unsanctioned parties involving alcohol.

The probations also affected last weekend's Lip Sync and Stroll Off. Sigma Chi was not allowed to participate in Lip Sync. Lambda Chi Alpha was allowed to participate, but chose to opt out of the event.

The president of Sigma Chi, Miles Guerrero, did not respond to repeated requests from the Loyolan to comment. Lambda Chi Alpha President Mike Hoefler told the Loyolan that despite the fact the fraternity is unable to recruit this semester, the chapter is still active and holding on-campus philanthropic and brotherhood events.

Social probation dictates that an organization is not permitted to host, plan, sponsor or participate as an organization in any social events.

Emily Pualwan, executive director of national organization, told the Loyolan that she believes hazing can be eradicated through a system-wide, coordinated approach, starting with raising awareness and having consistent, enforceable policies and laws.

"[Hazing] is an abuse of power by those who belong against those who wish to belong, and the psychological and physical damage can remain years after it happens," Pualwan said.

The Loyolan will continue to update the story as more information becomes available.

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