There will be a 4.38 percent increase in undergraduate tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year. The tuition will total $49,550, a $2,080 raise from last years’ tuition.

The majority of graduate program tuitions will also be subject to a 4.38 percent increase.

The increase was meant to cover rises in “contractual costs, including funding associated with health care, utilities and new capital projects which will enhance the educational environment for LMU students,” according to Patrick Hogan, the vice president of financial planning and budgets.

He said that the increase will also cover financing for the Playa Vista campus, raising compensation for staff and faculty as well as investments into financial aid for incoming students.

This year’s tuition increase is .04 less than last year, when students faced a 4.42 percent increase. Tuition has nearly doubled since 2004.

“I had no idea the tuition was increasing and now I’m concerned about my scholarship not being enough money,” said Rachel King, an undeclared freshman.

Housing costs will also increase by an average of three percent. The average cost for on-campus housing is currently $14,600, according to the LMU website.

According to Hogan, LMU will make up for this increase in tuition in other ways, such as adding in-demand graduate programs and reallocating existing resources. Hogan added that the University “will expand fundraising to increase the number of endowed scholarships.” 

Sofia is a sophomore English major from Portland, OR. She enjoys watching New Girl and listening to indie and rap music. Sofia loves and respects the masterpiece that is Chief Keef's "Love Sosa."

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