Kathy Reed

Kathy Reed, the University registrar, has announce her retirement after being at LMU for 43 years.

Kathy Reed, the University registrar, recently announced her retirement after a long commitment of working at LMU, as she wants to spend more time living her life outside of the University.

“As I approached retirement age, I started considering my options,” Reed said. “Friends and family are retiring and are off doing amazing things. I want to do the same while I am in good health and have the energy to do what I want to do.”

Reed has been connected to LMU for a number of years, as she is an alumna of the University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a teaching credential.

“When I was preparing to take the SAT ... I selected Loyola University of Los Angeles—[this was prior to the merger between Loyola University and Marymount college]—as the testing site,” she said.  “I walked up the stairs to Seaver 200 and paused and looked out over campus. I decided this was where I needed to be … My time as a student was phenomenal.”

After graduating, Reed decided that she wanted to begin her master’s program. Upon learning that there was an opening in what was then known as computing services, she applied and was hired.

Now, after working at the University for so many years, Reed is immensely grateful for everything she has learned and experienced through her time as the registrar.

“Forty-three years carry too many individual memories to be able to decipher favorites,” she said. “I will say it has always been about the people, [including the] students, faculty and staff, who have made this time so awesome.”

According to Reed, the most valuable lesson she’s taken away from her time at LMU, including her time as a student, is that the “people matter.”

“Each person matters,” she said. “Each interaction with each person matters and you need to bring your best game to every encounter. Meet people where they are and figure out how to collaborate. The best answers are rarely the easiest answers.”

While she is looking forward to her retirement, Reed said she will miss the LMU community.

“I will miss the people and the place,” she said. “I will not miss the traffic on the 105.”

Jeffrey Seeger, associate registrar for academic records, has worked with Reed for 35 years. Seeger said he is sad to see her go, as he thinks of her more as a friend than a boss.

“She has a terrific life of her own outside of LMU so it doesn’t surprise me that she wants to devote herself full-time to that,” Seeger said. “She has an incredible spirit that keeps her moving forward. I’m sad, as I’m sure everyone in the office is. [Her retirement] is very hard.”

Seeger said that one of Reed’s most outstanding qualities as the University registrar has been her ability to seamlessly move between working with large systems and smaller individual cases.

“The large picture is important because that’s when you’re looking at what we call enterprise systems,” Seeger said. “These aren’t just student records-—they’re things like admissions, student accounts and financial aid. Those are huge systems. And then we add on things like PROWL and Degree Works and so on. All of that takes a tremendous amount of work. You can also find her at her desk dealing with individual cases of students who want one thing or another.”

In the context of the entire LMU community, Seeger said that Reed has always been notable for her care for students.

“That’s always what drives Kathy,” he said. “It’s all about the students. She’s always ensuring that the student is number one.”

Robert Nitsos, associate registrar for student records systems, echoed this sentiment.

“She has real love for the University,” Nitsos said. “She really cares about the students, faculty and staff. She values the University and its mission, and I think she exemplifies that every day in the office.”

Nitsos has worked with Reed for 20 years. He said that her tremendous ability to lead stems largely from the fact that she is an alumna, as this enhances her perspective on things.

Reed’s extensive knowledge of LMU’s history and past policies and procedures especially contribute to her leadership skills, according to Nitsos.

Nitsos said that he is sad to see Reed go, but he believes that her legacy as an important member of the LMU community will always remain.

“I don’t think she’ll ever actually leave [LMU],” he said. “She’ll always be connected here.”

Austin Woods is a freshman economics major from St. Louis, Missouri. His favorite band is the Rolling Stones and his favorite food is Indian. You can often catch Austin in his trademark neon yellow Carhartt beanie.

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