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In his first public statement regarding the current investigation into claims of abuse by student athletes, LMU President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D, stated that the claims of psychological abusive coaching being made on social media by current and former members of the LMU cross country team are “incorrect.”

“Let me state a fact. What is presently online in terms of claims of abuse is not just incorrect, but in terms of the level of the complaints that is what people are speaking to, the magnitudes of reported abuse, is grossly incorrect,” said Snyder during a #BlackatLMU town hall meeting on March 30 in audio leaked to the Loyolan. Snyder goes on to say "We’re having a sort of trial here in the public." 

Listen to the full audio clip here

Snyder was responding to a student question sent in the chat that asked what the University was doing about the alleged abuse in athletics. This spurred an immediate reaction from students in the comments informing Snyder that “no comment would have been better” and that they will continue to side with their peers. 

As previously reported by the Loyolan, Rosalie “Rosie” Cruz, a redshirt junior on the women’s cross country team, took to Twitter and Instagram to share her story of an abusive training environment under the leadership of Coach Scott Guerrero. Her story received an outpour of responses and support from current students, alumni and previous student-athletes who also claimed to undergo similar treatment. 

Snyder continued on to say the University took proper action when addressing the case by contacting Human Resources and the Title IX Office to launch a “serious, professional investigation that was consonant with the seriousness of the claim.” LMU Athletics released a statement on March 29 which stated that the University had opened an impartial investigation into the abuse allegations made against Guerrero; the investigation is still open. 

The Loyolan will continue to update this story as the investigation continues. 

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Mick Thornton

Y'all. Please make an update to this article and include all of what was concerning about the President's statement.

You left out the president's inappropriate comparison of our online dialoguge supporting the victims to the social media postings of right wing conspiracy group Q-Anon.

And you left out his decision to portray victim's requests for anonymity as a reason to doubt their stories of abuse. A president truly concerned with the wellbeing of his students would have never ended his statement as he did. Instead of using his voice to place doubt on students, he would've critiqued our system that has students afraid to come forward by name for fear of losing their scholarships.

Those two moments at the end of his statement were unfiltered. And so displayed the beliefs of our president, extremely problematic ones. Those details in the last half of his statement shouldn't have been left out of the article. Not everyone is going to dive into the 14 minute audio clip.

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