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Neon Tommy, USC's alternative publication, was the first source to report this story and Barenborg's name. They have adjusted their coverage several times today – this screenshot reflects the version of the story from 6 p.m.

An LMU student remains in the hospital after an incident at a party Thursday at the University of Southern California (USC)'s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) house on Greek Row, according to the Daily Trojan, USC's daily news publication.

As confirmed by junior communication studies major Jessica Bowling,  the student is Carson Barenborg. According to Bowling, who was with Barenborg at the party on Thursday, Barenborg somehow fell from a 6-foot platform "head first into the concrete." Barenborg was bleeding and screaming, Bowling said, resulting in paramedics transporting her to a local hospital.

"I followed and stayed with her until her parents got there," Bowling told the Loyolan early Tuesday morning. "She's still there and she has several fractures in her skull, paralysis in her face, broken ear drums and amnesia." Barenborg reportedly remains in critical condition.

As a result of this and seven other hospitalizations at USC this weekend, their Greek Row has effectively been shut down. The list of sanctions for the Row includes an enforced no-alcohol policy at all events on the Row, and no events not submitted through an approval process. The full list of sanctions is available from the Daily Trojan online here.

The story was first reported by Neon Tommy, USC's alternative news source, but their online coverage has changed throughout the day. At present, they are reporting to have spoken with Barenborg's father, David Barenborg, who allegedly "would not comment on how she was injured."

– Additional reporting by Carly Barnhill, copy editor.

The Loyolan will update this space as the story develops, and will have more information in Thursday's print edition. Know anything about this story? Email

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Why write an article when you don't know half of the correct information? You're being disrespectful to the victim, her family, and her friends. Can you imagine what they are going through right now? Of course they haven't returned your requests for a comment. Don't write about what you don't know. I hope that in the future you have more respect for the people you're writing about.

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