Senator Flake

An open letter to Senator Jeff Flake:

Dear Senator Flake,

I write to you today regarding your actions in the Senate on Sept.28th to demand an FBI investigation into the conduct of Justice Kavanaugh. For this, the nation is grateful–yet the circumstances surrounding it are deeply troubling.

As a former Residential Adviser–a position that sometimes serves as Loyola Marymount University’s initial responder to allegations of sexual interpersonal misconduct—it is decidedly unfortunate that we find ourselves in conversation regarding the alleged sexual misconduct of a nominee to this nation’s highest courts. These allegations deserve full, objective and extensive investigation. Going against your party by affirming a request for an FBI investigation is, therefore, both commendable and necessary; but it shouldn’t have to be that way.

The fact that your Republican colleagues, with the exception of Senator Lisa Murkowski, did not do the same is upsetting. The very notion that requesting an investigation into allegations of sexual assault somehow breaks the party line is outrageous. Nearly half of the United States Senate either actively opposed an FBI investigation or said nothing in support of one. This demonstrates a lack of seriousness with which the Senate, as a legislative body, is treating this issue.

Sexual assault is not and should never be treated as a partisan issue. It ought to be treated as what it is—a crime, a violation of someone’s body and violation of someone’s rights.

So I thank you, Senator, for doing the right thing. You stood up to your party and treated these allegations with the seriousness they deserve. But these actions should not be exceptional or newsworthy. They should not be subject to partisan fighting. They should not deserve praise. They should be an inherent, maybe obvious next step in an alleged high profile crime.

We must normalize your actions Senator, for bipartisan consensus on what is fundamentally right and wrong is what this nation needs if we are to move forward.


Jon Austin Raymundo

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