In the past few weeks, the Loyolan has begun to complete its spring hiring period, and is now continuing its transition process through the duration of the semester. LMU’s next generation of reporters, writers, designers, photographers, copy editors and interns will be led by our new editor-in-chief, senior English major Tor Marom. In addition to introducing a group of talented and motivated newcomers to student media, we are welcoming back past Loyolan staffers who have returned from study abroad programs, all ready to dive into the challenging but rewarding world of student journalism. Despite the initial chaos and excitement of training, we at the Loyolan still strive to lead by our motto “Your Home. Your Voice. Your News.” During this time of political and social upheaval, we are all the more aware of the importance of representing all members of the LMU community.

The editorial board of the Loyolan plans to bring new ideas to student media, and we are already implementing several special features and teams in our digital and print publications. Starting this spring, there will be a regular social justice page — led by social justice editor and former editor-in-chief Karis Addo-Quaye — as well as our satirical Bluff page — led by Bluff editor and assistant news editor Sami Leung — each week in our print issue. Earlier this year, these section had appeared in the print issue on alternating weeks. Grace McManus, while guiding Marom as he transitions into the editor-in-chief position, will also lead the Loyolan’s video team to expand digital and multimedia content.

During the past semester, the Loyolan increased its digital and multimedia content by continuing the “100 Lions” web series, as well as launching the “What You Need to Know” series, a collaboration with ROAR Studios that details current events and news happening on and around LMU. On top of multimedia content this semester, our robust satirical Bluff staff takes on the responsibility of injecting much needed humor and tongue-in-cheek social commentary into today’s times of stress for fellow Lions and those in the greater Los Angeles community.

And of course, our regular sections of News, Life & Arts, Opinion and Sports commit to continue reporting and writing responsibly on relevant local and national events. With new section editors and staff comprised of both Loyolan veterans and newcomers, each of our sections will aim to reach all aspects of the Lion community, with the flare of new voices we've brought on staff.

In addition, our staff designers, cartoonists, photographers and new video team focus this year with the goal of collaborating and working more closely with other sections. We will address the needs of our fast-paced image-based society to bring you engaging and accessible graphic coverage. Our staff will come together during training and work retreat sessions in order to set and meet the high expectations of our daily print and digital content. In each section, the Loyolan grows stronger through the self-motivation, experience and originality provided by all members of our new editorial staff.

This new editorial period will signify a reestablished commitment to collaboration among our staff as we resolve to continue our mission to report with accuracy, relevance and responsibility; these will continue to be on the forefront of our goals as a student media group. That said, we are human and are still learning. We have made mistakes and we are certain to make more, but we will always take responsibility for these mistake and work to correct them. Although we are based in an educational university setting, we recognize that our words and articles matter, not only in being a news source for the immediate LMU community, but also in exposing and presenting competing perspectives in our stories.

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