Faculty Advice for Graduating Seniors

As the graduating class of 2019 plan their next journey, faculty and staff have come together to offer their advice on how to live the best life.

Emily Jarvis, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry:

"In all cases when students return to visit to tell me what they are doing post-graduation, it is great to see them. Even email catching up is nice. Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be afraid to set a five or 10 year plan and chip away at it. That seems so long at graduation but looking back, it won’t be. And try to find something you can immerse yourself in to feel invested."

Brian Treanor, professor of philosophy:

"First and foremost: don’t forget to slow down, be idle and appreciate the present moment. It is certainly possible to focus too much on activity, work and productivity. Indeed, in many ways that sort of misguided hyperactivity is endemic to our culture. Life is about more than producing results, and if you lose sight of that you will likely end up very, very unhappy."

Mitchell Hamilton, associate professor of marketing and business law:

"Recently, one of my former students returned to LMU and delivered an amazing guest-lecture to my current students. Watching your students develop into real world change-makers and then seeing them pay it forward to the next generation is a very special experience. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your values. And have the moral courage to let that guide everything you do in life."

Probably won’t use this often. Opinion Intern for @LALoyolan (He/Him/His) LMU ‘22.

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