At the 2020 vice-presidential debate, America witnessed a lot of unanswered questions. One such question was given directly to Vice President Pence and asked him about President Trump’s previous refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power after the election. Rather than commenting on what would be his course of action should the Trump administration lose, Pence instead boasted his confidence that they would surely win. This is not only a bad answer, but a scary one. The way that Trump and Pence have been acting in regard to the outcome of the 2020 election does not bode well at all for the American people, regardless of party affiliation.

First of all, this may not seem to be that big of a deal to some people, even those voters who do not wish to see Trump re-elected. They might be thinking, “So what? Who cares if he denies the outcome? The election results will still prove him wrong and even Donald Trump won’t be able to deny the cold hard facts of election day.” Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true.

The main reason for concern about skewed election results this year is due to something called the “Big Blue Shift." As many people already know, Donald Trump has been casting doubt on the validity of mail-in voting for quite some time. This is causing many people to predict that the majority of Republicans (the group of people that have been listening to Trump’s warning cries about mail fraud), will most likely vote in person on election day. Most Democrats, however, will have no qualms about voting by mail, and will choose the mail-in method of casting their ballots due to concerns about COVID-19. The main difference between these two types of voting methods is that the in-person votes will be counted first and the mail-in votes will take considerably longer to tally, simply due to the nature of the mechanics behind each system and the fact that ballots won't be opened until election night. It might take weeks to know who really won. This could lead to a misleading majority of Trump votes on election day followed by a surge of Biden votes over the next few weeks as the vast amounts of mail-in votes are opened and counted. Hence, the “Big Blue Shift”.

Because of this strange phenomenon, Trump could very easily claim victory on election night even before the vast majority of votes have been counted. This would be a disaster in many ways. Republicans and Democrats could clash online and in-person, causing chaos and disorder throughout the country. If the full count of votes eventually declares Biden the winner, but Trump has already claimed victory and refuses to leave, the resulting power struggle could leave America in a leaderless limbo until a winner is agreed upon. Our already critically damaged and volatile nation seems to be sitting on the edge of destruction, and this could push it over the edge.

But for now, this is all still hypothetical. Maybe this doomsday scenario won’t happen. No one can know for sure. So why should it matter? It matters because Donald Trump has already admitted that he may not accept the outcome of the coming election. As I said before, this is not a good answer. And it does not reveal the heart of a good American president. The people should be able to decide who is President of the United States, not the president himself. If the people make a choice as a majority and the president refuses to listen, he is no longer a president. He is a dictator and a sore loser who doesn’t know how to take “no” for answer. These are not the qualities of a strong American leader. These are the qualities of the spoiled brat that refuses to leave the fancy restaurant because he didn’t get his ice cream sundae. Let’s all do America a favor and keep brats out of the White House.

This is the opinion of Isaac Tackman, a junior screenwriting major from Jefferson, WI. Email comments to Follow and tweet comments to @LALoyolan on Twitter, and like the Loyolan on Facebook.

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