The impeachment proceedings regarding Trump are a vital part of upholding the Constitution and protecting our democracy. The process of impeachment, whether or not Trump is removed from office, is necessary to ensure that everyone, no matter their status, is held responsible under the law.

President Donald J. Trump needs to be informed that he isn’t invincible. He has broken his presidential oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and that is not without consequence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her announcement of the inquiry, stated that “[Trump] must be held accountable — no one is above the law.” This statement is profound because it highlights the importance of the Constitution in a time where it seems a lot of the elements of government are no longer respected the way they once were.

The Constitution provides Congress the opportunity to impeach sitting governmental officials. The House has the power to call for impeachment and, if upon investigation, the crimes are deemed significant, the House votes. If a majority votes for impeachment, then the Senate is in charge of the trial. After the trial they vote, and 2/3 have to vote to convict for the president to be removed from office.

Every president is different and approaches the office differently. Trump approached the office not as an opportunity to be a man for the people, but to be a man above the people. He is protected by Mitch McConnell’s actions in office; according to Vox, if McConnell were to investigate and take action, Trump would have no choice but to clean up his act.

Even before his first day in office, Trump reshaped what the presidency of the United States consists of. His verbose, hateful language and employment of his family and friends in office have shaped his presidency to be groundbreaking — and this is without mentioning his bizarre background.

I could take the time to list Trump’s impeachable offenses, but the need for a list is proof enough that impeachment proceedings are necessary. The catalyst for the call for impeachment was Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine, in which he told him that he should work on investigating Joe Biden’s son, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

President Trump needs to be held accountable for his unlawful actions because, if not, it sets an awful precedent for future presidents.

“Will you live in a constitutional democracy or some kind of other system like a quasi-dictatorship and illiberal system, or a system where centralized power dominates?” Michael Genovese, a political science professor, asked. “[Students] will inherit a system of government that we pass on ... so if we pass on a system of government that respects the rule of law, that’s one thing — if we don’t respect the rule of law then you inherit a very different system.” 

No matter the outcome of the impeachment proceedings, things will change. It is unlikely that Trump will be removed because of the Republican controlled Senate, but even if Trump remains in office, the fact that these impeachment proceedings occurred is important for the integrity of our Constitution. 

The House’s impeachment proceedings against Trump have the ability to completely alter our current system of government in terms of the supreme law of the land: the Constitution. The United States was founded on being a country for freedom and democracy, with a foundation of laws and basic human rights. No one is above the rule of law, and impeachment lets Trump know that includes him too.

This is the opinion of Sally Dean, a sophomore political science major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tweet comments to @LALoyolan or email comments to the

Sally Dean is a sophomore political science major and a Pittsburgh native. She loves to bake cookies (and eat them), and attempt DIY crafts.

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