Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

In accordance with LMU’s mission, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures promotes justice through diversity of thought and experience. We strive to assist our students in developing multicultural awareness, international perspectives and respect for others, enabling them to enrich their personal lives and to become contributing members of society. We, the MDLL Department, reaffirm our commitment to the promotion of justice and to the value of diversity in higher education, and stand in solidarity with our undocumented students and their allies. We celebrate their contributions and stand by their efforts to make our campus and country inclusive places where everyone can thrive.

In solidarity,

Rebeca Acevedo

José Ignacio Badenes, S.J.

Mónica Cabrera

Véronique Flambard-Weisbart

Victoria Lau

Petra Liedke-Konow

Marc Lony

Ana Maradiaga

Paola Moscarelli

Áine O’Healy

Alicia Partnoy

Corinna Silva da Veiga Jardim

Corinne Sitbon-Slosburg

Xiaojing Sun

Debra Wong

Kathy Yang

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My response to this Letter to the Editor: 1. Exact number of [cares] given: 0. 2. You do no such thing and each of you know you do not. 3. You do not have a non-leftwinger among you, and you fail to acknowledge that you exclude conservatism from your students, even though over half of America and our entire government now is conservative. 4. Each one of you does a disservice to the students when you intentionally blackball conservative professors from your ranks. You are the leftwing McCarthy. In my opinion, you stink. Each and every one of you. Thank you. Have a nice 4 years of leftwing propaganda-pushing. If they're smart, your students will likely comply and seem like they agree with the garbage you teach them about micro aggressions, safe spaces, white privilege, etc. to avoid the penalty you've been know to do to their grades if they do not. Yes, we know you have the power to take from them chances of a good job if you undermine them on their transcript if they openly disagree with you. Another reason you stink.

(Edited by staff.)

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