Dear Editor,

This past Wednesday, LMU was great in recognizing students and teachers who were killed in the Parkland shooting. I respected the initiative taken and obviously the problem of gun violence is the most important matter, but as a Jewish student, I was taken aback by the 17 crosses in Regents Terrace. Four students and one teacher that were killed were Jewish, as Broward County has the largest Jewish population in Florida. Although LMU is a Jesuit and Catholic institution, it is my belief that crosses should not be used to memorialize the lost lives of Jewish students. The Star of David should represent that. I was in Florida over spring break and visited the memorial at the school; they had 12 crosses and five Stars of David. LMU obviously was not trying to dishonor the Jewish lives lost, as they had Rabbi Zach speak and spread rocks around the crosses (a Jewish tradition). The fact still remains that crosses were used for Jewish students. This is in the past and, in the scheme of things, not a huge deal, but as an inclusive Jesuit school, it is important to remember the small things like this, and that not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. Hopefully no more atrocities like the Parkland shooting happen in the future, but I also ask LMU and its leaders to be more conscious of its use of religious symbols, especially in remembrance of the dead.

Julie Everakes

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