I am writing in response to the article from the Feb. 8 edition of The Loyolan titled: “My experience as a minority on LMU’s campus,” by Zachary Hayes.

I understand what it is like to be Hayes’ definition of a “minority.” Before LMU, I was a liberal in Tennessee. It was hard being surrounded by people I did not agree with; however, I did not complain in the newspaper about the lack of liberals in Tennessee. Instead, I listened to others, learned from their viewpoints and challenged those I did not agree with. This is in contrast to Hayes’ approach.

We attend a university in California, so it is no surprise that the majority of LMU students are liberal. However, that does not mean it is the administration's job to spoon-feed students conservative viewpoints in the name of diversity. Hayes argues that LMU is not inclusive because it does not support the conservative "minority." However, LMU stands in solidarity with actual minorities because being a minority is not a choice and being a conservative is. Should LMU tell professors to never state their opinions unless they are equally liberal and conservative to protect students who feel underrepresented? Obviously not.

The responsibility of political diversity falls on the students. Hayes assumes that LMU students cannot think critically about a professor's opinions. Hayes also assumes that this under-representation of conservative views will lead to the formation of “intolerant radical leftist groups” at LMU. Both of these assumptions are incorrect.

Instead of implying that students are not conservative because they do not understand the issues, understand that people may not agree with your views for various reasons. If you want to expose your fellow students to conservative viewpoints, then do it. It is not the administration's job to engage the community with a conservative viewpoint; it is yours.


Devin Kellet

Political science ‘19

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