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In the Loyolan's Sept. 7, 2016 article, "Responsible gun owners hurt by restrictions," the author fails to fairly present his research and the Loyolan does not include an opposing viewpoint, necessitating the need for supplemental information. The John Lott article cited by the author dismisses the fact that "in 2012, there were 58 accidental gun deaths involving children," by stating that many times that number died by accidental suffocation, and that the majority of the adults [who] shot those children had criminal records for alcohol [and] drug abuse. This attempt at misdirection does not reduce the fact that guns kill thousands of people every year. The author continues to say, "Imagine if a citizen had a licensed firearm during the Orlando nightclub shooting and was properly trained to use it....[they] may have been able to save the 49 lives lost." This was Donald Trump's argument as well, stated during a CNN interview on June 13, 2016. Both Trump and the Loyolan author failed to understand that there was, in fact, an armed off-duty police officer at the LGBTQ club at the time of the shooting. Forty-nine people still died. The author's comparison between methamphetamine use and gun crime begs the question, "Do you believe that, since drug laws don't 100 percent prevent buyers and sellers from accessing illegal drugs, that they should not be illegal, or restrictions lessened?" The restrictions for safe gun control are NOT there. I agree with increasing the waiting period and requiring taking classes for gun licensure, as is done with automobiles (another extremely dangerous machine), but do not agree that gun ownership restrictions should be lessened.

-Daniel Perez

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What Daniel Perez calls "misdirection" was actually perspective -- which both this newspaper and this author sorely lack.

Professor John Lott is considered the leading scholar and scientist investigating gun deaths, cited both accidental gun deaths and other causes of accidental deaths among children. No one has studied gun-related injury and death than he has -- perhaps in the world.

So there was no intention to misdirect. Just the opposite. Lott provided a more complete answer than the author seemed willing to accept.

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