Work at the Loyolan

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in working for The Los Angeles Loyolan, LMU’s student-run news-gathering organization.
Established in 1921, the Loyolan has consistently been recognized as one of the country’s leading college print and digital news sources. Housed in LMU’s Student Media department, the Loyolan gives students a unique, hands-on work experience in both content creation and business development.

Editorial positions span across more than 10 content areas including: News, Opinion, Life + Arts, Sports, Photo, Graphic Design, Digital and Social Media, Video, Copy Editing, Social Justice, The Bluff (parody), Cartoon and more.

You can find a list of editorial positions below.

The Loyolan business team includes positions within the following departments, business management, advertising, design and distribution.
You can find a list of business positions below.

Editorial Positions at the Loyolan


  • Editor in Chief
  • Managing Editor

  • News

  • News Editor
  • Assistant News Editor
  • News Intern

  • Opinion

  • Opinion Editor
  • Assistant Opinion Editor
  • Opinion Intern

  • Life and Arts

  • Life + Arts Editor
  • Assistant Life + Arts Editor
  • Life + Arts Intern

  • Sports

  • Sports Editor
  • Assistant Sports Editor
  • Sports Intern

  • Design

  • Design Editor
  • Designer

  • Photo

  • Photo Editor
  • Assistant Photo Editor
  • Staff Photographer

  • Digital

  • Digital Editor
  • Assistant Digital Editor
  • Digital Intern

  • Cartoon

  • Staff Cartoonist

  • Copy

  • Copy Editor
  • Business Positions at the Loyolan


  • Business Director
  • Assistant Business Director
  • Receptionist
  • Director of Marketing
  • Sales Representative
  • Ad Designer
  • Distribution Manager
  • Distributor
  • The Loyolan publishes new content online every day, and in print each Wednesday.

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