Distracted Student

A student sits at a desk at school, distracted by other life events.

Agape and Gryphon Circle service organizations collaborated for an event entitled "The Mind Inside," the first event of Gryphon Circle's education month on April 2 in Seaver 200. They showed the first episode of the docuseries – a television series that follows real people and real events – to show the intersection between education and mental health.

“The Mind Inside” follows Eric Depue, a guidance counselor at Millard North Middle School in Omaha, Nebraska, as he discusses the hard lives of students in the school system and shows some of his sessions with them. In the docuseries, the filmmakers kept the students and others involved in each story anonymous.

The episode discussed Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). They analyzed that ACEs result from family history of mental illness, substance abuse, incarceration, loss and abuse. Ultimately, Depue went in depth about how students are unable to focus with a difficult home life.

Throughout the episode, Depue is seen counseling several students, each with different lives outside of the classroom. He provides support for them, listening to their problems and aiding them within the institution of the middle school.

After the episode, Suzie McDaniel, a senior lecturer in the communication studies department and the Gryphon Circle moderator, talked about her reaction to the episode. She also shared her life story, connecting it to the episode as well as to the audience.

She emphasized that students should not be afraid to reach out to those around them and share their stories to dispel the stigma of not discussing these kinds of problems.

Finally, Matt Rodriguez, a senior majoring in political science, talked about a current project inspired by a friend’s life story — a documentary revolving around current LMU students and mental health issues.

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