LMU women’s basketball begins their own social justice committee

This semester, the women’s basketball team at LMU began a social justice committee amongst the players, coaches and other advisors. In this committee, the members created new space to elaborate on important social justice topics. The members have created a place for community discussion and learning in a virtual setting.

Women’s basketball at LMU provides an excellent program for players to have a space for career development and growth. This program is split amongst multiple committees that cover a range of important subjects, and the social justice committee is their newest addition. The idea for this committee began this summer after the team witnessed many people speak out about social justice issues through social media, online events and in-person protests.

The team’s Twitter posted a short clip from one of the many round-table talks that the social justice committee recently held. The clip showed the members' discussing how Black womanhood and hair has been embraced through songs like "Cranes in the Sky" by Solange. This recording shows just a glimpse of the deep and open discussions that this new space provides.

Charity Elliott, the head women’s basketball coach at LMU, said that “as a committee, we’ve talked about different articles or different speeches that we all watch and then we all come together and talk about it.” She mentioned that she is very proud of her team’s effort ― they have been volunteering and creating ideas for events that will bring change.

Ariel Johnson, a junior film, TV and media studies major and women’s basketball player, explained her motivation to join the committee. “With all the events happening in this world, with the whole police brutality stuff, I really wanted to take this opportunity and educate myself more, and so I thought the social justice committee would be the perfect opportunity for that,” she said. “It just creates a space for us to share whatever and to talk about just life.”

As the team moves into the next semester, the members of the social justice committee look forward to creating new opportunities for change and continuing the discussion of social justice issues amongst the LMU community. Speaking about the team, progress and future of the committee, Elliott said, “I just want to support them. I am so proud of how they are leading us. How they are leading the conversation, keeping the conversation alive.”

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Best of luck on this venture, in the meantime, some passing drills may also be indicated.

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