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Young climate activists march in L.A.

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From left to right, climate activists Saskia Sommer, Matilde von Gelber, Juliette Hoeber and Allegra Baron.

In the wake of activist Greta Thunberg's rise to fame, the L.A. marches during last week's international climate strike were attended by young people passionate about fighting for our planet.

On Friday, September 20, students from the Archer School for Girls—Saskia Sommer, Matilde von Gelder, Juliette Hoeber and Allegra Baron—joined the crowd at 11:00 a.m. for the climate strike that marched from the Burton Santa Monica Store to Santa Monica City Hall. Sommer said that “we want to bring awareness to people who don’t know about this because it’s a big problem, and if we don’t take action soon there will be nothing left.”

It occurred to the three girls that climate change is a prevalent problem as the globe heats up. “We need to help and support that, otherwise we’ll grow up and we won’t have anything and the world will fall down in front of us,” said von Gelder.

Though not able to vote yet, the girls aren’t afraid to make their opinions known and their voices heard. Hoeber mentioned that just because they’re young doesn’t mean that they can’t equally make a difference. These are things that they value; they value their future and the value our planet.

The girls urge others to get involved in the fight for climate justice and to make a difference in the way that we live our daily lives. “We can try and limit our plastic use by buying less plastic cups and more that we do on a daily basis to just help; simple things,” said Hoeber.

Other ways you can become a part of the fight involve being knowledgeable and starting small. The issue is real, and it doesn’t discriminate in who it affects. Sommer put it best: “Global warming is real; as much as people think it’s scary, they don’t want to admit that. Sadly, the people who are scared of it, are the very people who are causing this issue to expand and that’s why it’s really important for us to take action.”

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