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The Los Angeles Loyolan is one of the country's leading college newspapers, and has been running weekly publications for over 60 years. In 2005, the Loyolan launched a digital platform under this domain, transitioning to simultaneously work in print and digital medias. The Loyolan's dedicated staff works to produce a weekly newspaper, filled with editorial content in the original sections of news, life and arts, sports and opinion columns. Since then, multimedia and video content has expanded, and new sections like the Bluff, Social Justice and Cartoon have been added. These archives exist to bring all of that work closer to the Loyolan’s dedicated readership.

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    Keli Leaupepe: the very name prompts sighs of admiration from fans and hints of jealousy from detractors. His persona has been thrust into the public eye since his arrival from Australia, and his other-worldly status has certainly amplified within the last month. But who is the man underneat…

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    With the new year underway, the return of a spring sport has finally arrived. Last year was definitely one to forget as COVID-19 hit and canceled the play of spring sports, ending athletes' seasons. However, with new guidelines and protocols to follow, the LMU men's tennis team is excited an…

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    The pandemic has seen the disruption of LMU’s normal athletic schedule and programming over the course of the last 10 months. Athletes across the sports spectrum have all had their usual competitive lives rearranged to varying degrees. However, one category of Lion athletes has seen their se…

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