Following a season where he was named to second team All-WCC, junior infielder Nick Sogard talked with Asst. Sports Editor Miles Thomas about his recent selection to the 2019 preseason All-WCC team for the upcoming baseball season.

Miles Thomas (MT): After being named [to the] preseason All-WCC team, do you feel any inspiration or added motivation for receiving that recognition?

Nick Sogard (NS): I would say it’s cool to get recognized. I feel they more so are giving me that recognition from previous work but I’m always motivated to play well for my teammates and coaches, and I think as a team we’re gonna have a good year this year.

MT: What are the main aspects of your game that you focused on coming into your junior season at LMU?

NS: I’m playing shortstop this year, whereas last year I played a lot of second base ... I would say that is the biggest change this year. I’m happy to be playing shortstop again.

MT: What would you say are some of your personal and team goals for this season?

NS: I don’t really have any specific personal goals. I want to be the best player I can be every game for my teammates. As a team, we’ve been working to go as far as we can go all year and throughout the fall we’ve come a long way. We’re just going to try and play for as long as we can and hopefully win a bunch of ball games.

MT: How long has baseball been a part of your life? What made you choose baseball?

NS: I’ve been playing my whole life. All the way through high school I played baseball and soccer and loved both, but then saw more of a future in baseball so that’s where I went.

MT: Over the years of watching and playing baseball, which player or players have been an inspiration to you. Is there anyone you try and emulate on the field?

NS: I was lucky enough to have a few family members who played. Learning from them has been cool. As a younger kid, I always loved Derek Jeter ... You can get a lot of information from players [by watching] for sure.

MT: What would you say is the strongest part of your game? Where are you looking to improve?

NS: As far as strengths go, I think for the most part I’m fairly well-rounded. I try to be good at all of the game versus just bringing one or two things to the table, I try and be good at the entirety of the game ... I’m always looking to improve everything as much as possible. There’s always so much room to grow, especially in this game where there’s so much failure. I’ve gained a lot of weight this off-season, which has helped strength-wise for sure.

MT: How would you describe the team dynamic of the LMU baseball team this season?

NS: It’s great. We’ve got a great group of guys, we have fun together and I think we’re coming together at the right time to go forward and win some games together.

Asst. Managing Editor

Miles Thomas is a junior communications major from Hermosa Beach, CA. Miles is a lifelong Lakers, Seahawks and Dodgers fan. Miles enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and having a good hangout with friends in his spare time.

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