LMU senior infielder Trevin Esquerra runs the bases during a 2019 game against San Diego State. Esquerra posted some of the best offensive numbers on the team in 2020 prior to the Lions' season being cut short.

The 2020 LMU baseball team saw their season cut short along with all other Lions' spring athletic programs. Among the athletes affected was senior infielder Trevin Esquerra. A preseason All-WCC and All-American selection, he finished the year batting .286 while leading the team in home runs and runs batted in. Esquerra talked to Sports Editor Alex Hutton about his reaction to the canceled season, his current exercise regimen and his extra year of eligibility.

Alex Hutton (A.H.): How did you find out that the season was canceled?

Trevin Esquerra (T.E.): We were supposed to play BYU that weekend, so we flew up and everything, had practice there on Wednesday, and then we came back to the hotel and started seeing that the MLB was postponed and the NBA was also postponed. We just figured if those major sports were doing it, then we’re assuming the NCAA’s going to eventually start to cancel stuff … we found out in our hotel room, [me and my] roommate Cooper Uhl.

A.H.: What sort of feelings did that evoke? What was going through your mind at that point?

T.E.: At the time, it was more of just maybe seeing after two weeks if we can resume the season. I think in our heads it was like, “The season’s not completely over yet.” A lot of unknowns for sure, but we were still hopeful that maybe they’ll figure out another time to reschedule the BYU series and we’ll play that next week once everything’s figured out and it’s turned into this now.

A.H.: What parts of the season are you missing most at this time?

T.E.: Just being with my teammates. I feel like that’s just the most fun and over my four years, you realize how much the teammates actually hold a role in your everyday life … we keep up here and there, on Zoom meetings and stuff like that, but [I miss] the fun we all had.

A.H.: What have you been doing to stay in shape?

T.E.: One of our teammates, Ben Grunberg, has set up a little home gym at his place. So we’ve been able to go there, trying to do the six-feet-distance thing, but we’re able to still stay in shape and stay ready for whatever comes in the summer or whatever happens, really. It’s been nice. I’m still staying up at LMU, I have a house off campus, so it’s been nice to at least be able to do something.

A.H.: What are you doing on a day-to-day basis to try and maintain a positive attitude?

T.E.: Definitely exercising for sure. Done a couple puzzles, watched some Netflix. A lot of times, when you sit and do nothing, it’s pretty easy to think about all the negatives going on. I’m trying to [stay] busy with school for sure, that helps. I’m just staying positive about it all.

A.H.: What is your plan for the upcoming year and your career in general?

T.E.: I’m kind of looking towards the draft that’s going to happen. Not sure when it’s going to happen right now. There’s still some unknowns with that, whether it’s going to be in June or pushed back to July. We’re just going off that. If I get the opportunity to go play professionally, I’m definitely going to choose that route. If it doesn’t work out, then I’m going to for sure come back and finish that last year of eligibility. For right now, it’s definitely baseball — I want to see this thing through, so whatever happens, happens, in that sense.

Sports Editor

Alex Hutton is a junior journalism major from Oakland, California. He is a diehard fan of the Warriors, Giants, 49ers, Sharks, Cal Bears and LMU Lions. He lists getting his plays produced and meeting Paul McCartney as among his current life goals.

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