This season, head women's basketball coach Charity Elliott enters her eighth year at the helm of the program. Assistant Sports Editor Jameson O'Neil sat down with Elliott to discuss takeaways from last season, new and returning players, and things learned from her LMU coaching career.

Jameson O'Neil (J.O.): How has the team's preseason training gone so far?

Charity Elliott: (C.E.): It's been a great summer [and] it's been a great fall. We've got a really nice group of returners and five very excited, energetic and talented freshmen ... Everybody is just ready to play.

J.O.: What have been the main tenets or points you've been repeating so far this year at practice?

C.E.: Our intensity, our mindset, our effort, energy — all of those things. We're going to be a work in progress this year just because we're so young, but the things [we] can control are the things that we have to really control.

J.O.: Last season, the team went 18-15 on the season, 10-8 in conference, and the group made it to the third round of the WCC Championships. How does this team build on the success from a year ago?

C.E.: We had some really tremendous seniors last year, and so now ... [our] players [have to] step into some big roles and fill some shoes. I think that's what we've been trying to figure out — everybody's role, [and] how we can best continue the success.

J.O.: What's one thing you didn't expect when you took the head coaching job eight seasons ago?

C.E.: Just how hard it is to build a program and build a culture and foundation that you want. Anything worth building takes time — many times we want the fast track. But generally it's a process and I think we've had to go through a lot of what seemed to be little steps to get to where we are now. And we still have a lot of work to do for sure.

J.O.: What should fans be excited about when they come to watch this year's team?

C.E.: As our freshmen get more experience and become more comfortable on the floor, they'll be able to start doing more. [When] you come out and watch us play, you're going to see high energy, high intensity, a lot of pressure defense, a lot of transition and hopefully a very exciting style of basketball.

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