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Hernandez competes against LMU's conference rivals at the 2019 WCC Championships. This season is currently postponed in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.

Cross country is among the several postponed sports this fall, but the LMU runners are staying prepared and continuing their training. Sophomore Gabby Hernandez, who competed in five races last season and put up the ninth-fastest freshman 6k time in LMU history, talked to Assistant Sports Editor Ellie Kinney about the postponed season.

Ellie Kinney (E.K.): What was your reaction when it was announced that the season is on hold?

Gabby Hernandez (G.H.): I was definitely sad, but for me it was somewhat of a good thing. I was injured, so having that extra time to get better and self-reflect has been really great.

E.K.: Can you tell me about the team's training routine in the offseason and into this postponed season?

G.H.: I’m living at home, so my training’s a little bit different from people that are back on campus. It’s been hard at times, but during all of this it's really helped us self-reflect and feel the appreciation for our sport. It’s mostly on our own, and we’ll have sets every now and then guided by the coaches.

E.K.: How have you been able to help the freshmen get acclimated to school and the team?

G.H.: We’ve been reaching out, knowing we’re all in the same boat. So far the freshmen that I’ve met have been super nice and they really look up to us, so that makes it easier to help them acclimate to the environment. I think it helps them a lot knowing we’re here for them. We’ve been making ourselves available through text or even in person — socially distanced, of course.

E.K.: What are you most looking forward to when the season starts up?

G.H.: Honestly, just being with the team! I’m looking forward to bonding and trips and being back with my supportive community of runners and coaches. I’m just so grateful, and I want to be training with them again. But also the meets, of course, and getting competitive again.

E.K.: Do you have any specific goals you want to accomplish this season?

G.H.: Just getting more fit. During all this I’ve achieved some of my goals already ... I’ve come into this fall way more fit than I’ve ever been, honestly, which is so crazy. Also just being prepared for when the season comes and knowing I’ve worked hard for this.

Asst. Sports Editor

Ellie is a Communication Studies major and History minor from Boston, Massachusetts. She's a diehard Boston sports fan, loves street tacos more than people, and has two pet parakeets. IG/Twitter: @emkinney4

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