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The Lions are currently sitting at the bottom of their division with no wins. However, the team is showing encouraging signs that their winless season could change very soon. 

It has undeniably been a rough year for the women's soccer team. With a 0-13 record, they sit at the bottom of the West Coast Conference (WCC) standings. Despite the winless season so far, let’s take a look at the areas the team is succeeding in this season.

On the defensive side, the Lions have only committed 123 fouls so far this season to their opponents' 161. They have zero red cards and only nine yellow cards on the season. Obviously giving the other team free kicks is never good as it creates easy set pieces to capitalize on, so the Lions should look to keep their fouls to a minimum for the remainder of the season.

Looking at their offense, although they are only averaging 7.3 shots per game to their opponents' 16.4, they are shooting the ball more accurately than the latter. When shooting, the Lions' opponents are only getting 36.6% of their shots on target. On the other hand, the Lions' shots are hitting the target 41.1% of the time.

What can we take away from these numbers though?

First, we can see that although the Lions are giving up a lot of shots per game to their opponents, they aren’t easy shots. In other words, while the defense isn’t perfect, they are forcing them to take tougher shots that are only hitting the target around every three shots.

Second, we can see that if the Lions shoot the ball more, they will score more. As a team, they are hitting the target almost half the time. However, their two top goal scorers, Skylar Robledo and Sydney Schultz, who have two goals each, are hitting the goal on exactly half of their shots. That being said, if the Lions can find a way to get more shots off each game, they will almost definitely start seeing more balls in the back of the net.

If the Lions can continue to keep doing well in both the areas mentioned earlier, and start getting more shots off every game, they will certainly begin seeing the wins they have been working so hard for all season.

This is the opinion of Ben Barrett, a senior journalism major from Brooklyn, New York. Tweet comments to @LAloyolan or email comments to mthomas@theloyolan.com.

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