Sports + Social Justice from Previous Weeks

Women’s Hoops Deliver Strong Message

The Pittsburgh Women’s Basketball team showed support for the social justice movement in their season opener against George Mason Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Referring to the program's decision to add the word equality to the back of player jerseys, Head Coach Lance White said: “It was a word our players chose that they really want as women, as a lot of them young black women, they want equity, they want to have a platform where there is nothing but equality and equity. What do they need to have the same opportunities everyone has? They wanted to be broad in that delivery. So much of it has been them talking and sharing.”

Pregame during the national anthem, players and coaches also took a knee and raised their fists in solidarity with all the victims of police brutality.

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Nike Highlights Social Justice Commitment

Nike has partnered with NFL stars in a new docuseries called Stronger than One, which focuses on sports efforts to give back to the community.

In a recent episode that aired Thursday, NFL star, Deshaun Watson, continued his fight for social justice by providing Yates High School Football in Houston with new jerseys.

When referring to the high school that George Floyd attended, Watson said: “I want to use my platform to help bring awareness to these issues that impact our communities and offer the next generation a more positive path forward.”

The team’s new jerseys that honor Floyd are adorned with messages such as Breathe, Brotherhood and GF.

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High School Webinar Preaches Social Justice Effort

Maine Sports Hall of Fame is focused on getting kids to think about important issues and encouraging them to become leaders in their communities.

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, they will be holding a webinar for all Maine high school students that will urge them to speak up about social justice.

When referring to the webinar at which he will speak, president of the Maine Red Claws Dajuan Eubanks said: “The idea is to be inspirational and encourage the kids to become leaders. They are already in that role in high school … They are already seen as role models because of their involvement in athletics. We want to encourage them to step up to the platform and use their voices.”

The Maine Sports Hall of Fame also celebrates the state’s best athletes with an induction ceremony each year.

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