Sophomore communication studies major Chloe Clark speaks at Gersten Pavilion while covering LMU athletics. She is the first official sideline reporter and digital media host of LMU Athletics. 

If you follow sports at LMU, Chloe Clark is a name you’ll quickly become very familiar with. As the student host of "The Pride," a new weekly digital media show that promotes LMU sports, she is rapidly making a name for herself on campus as the face of the athletics program.

Clark, a sophomore communication studies and journalism double major from Orange County, California, is as passionate and driven as they come. LMU Athletics has never had a student sideline reporter or a path for anyone interested in digital broadcast journalism, but Clark refused to let that stop her; if it didn’t exist already, she was more than prepared to be the first to create it.

“At the end of last year [I noticed] LMU didn’t have anything like [The Pride], and I know a lot of other schools do, so I pitched the idea to the athletics department and they were completely on board,” said Clark.

This semester, Clark has become the first official sideline reporter and digital media host of LMU Athletics. She was a member of the Spirit Squad last year, but decided she wanted to try out a different role that would support her career aspirations in sports broadcast journalism.

“[I asked myself] how I can be involved, how I can start getting that experience and exposure [in the industry],” said Clark. “I definitely look up to a lot of people in the field already, and I follow a lot of other college students that are digital media reporters for their colleges, and that inspired me to do something [similar] for LMU.”

As the host of "The Pride," Clark updates the LMU community on what’s going on in athletics, covers major athletic events on social media and interviews athletes and coaches. She particularly enjoys her interviews with the student athletes, many of whom she’s grown closer to through reporting.

“I’d say [my favorite segment] is the very first one I did with women’s volleyball ...  it was super fun. [Freshman outside hitter] Rose Booth did Irish dancing so that was super funny,” Clark noted. “The whole purpose of "The Pride" is to [personalize the student athletes] and show everyone that they’re more than just athletes.”

Part of the appeal of "The Pride" is its bold and engaging editing style. Each segment seems professionally produced, but Clark assured that the show is entirely student-created.

“I’ll write the script myself, and we’ll coordinate times with coaches at practice to film it,” said Clark. “I have a really great videographer, [freshman marketing major] Will Hanmer. He puts out super great content ... It’s completely student built so he films it [and] edits it, he’s great.”

Looking forward in the semester, Clark has big plans for the upcoming episodes of "The Pride." “For future videos, I’m definitely working towards aspects aside from interviews like challenges, carpool karaoke, a day in an athlete’s life and also highlighting more athletics staff and those involved in behind-the-scenes work.”

In addition to preparing for her future career, Clark sees "The Pride" as an opportunity to allow more students to get involved in broadcast journalism and sideline reporting at LMU.

“I know it’s a small start, [especially] compared to other schools, but I hope by the end of this more people will be drawn to apply to LMU and come to LMU to get that experience to sideline report or digitally report,” said Clark. “It wasn’t an immediate opportunity for me, so to be able to create that pathway for other students in the future will be really cool.”

Episodes of "The Pride" can be found on LMU Athletics' Instagram TV.

Asst. Sports Editor

Ellie is a Communication Studies major and History minor from Boston, Massachusetts. She's a diehard Boston sports fan, loves street tacos more than people, and has two pet parakeets. IG/Twitter: @emkinney4

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