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Redshirt senior Duhaney Williams (7) playing against San Diego State. The Lions are comfortably at the top of the WCC table with an undefeated record

Currently on a four-game winning streak , the Lions (5-0-1) hold first place in the West Coast Conference (WCC) and are ranked 15th in the nation. The team is continuing where they left off in the spring season when they finished in first place with a record of 6-0-3. If the Lions are able to keep up their terrific performance on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field, they will be able to continue their reign at the top of both the conference and national tables.

The Lions have currently scored 11 goals and only have five goals against them this season. They are averaging almost 18 shots per game while their opponents are barely averaging 11 on them. Furthermore, the Lions have forced their goalie to make only 17 saves while they’ve forced opposing goalies to make 26 saves.

Part of the Lions' success can be attributed to forward Creggton Charlton and defender Christian Wood, both of whom the WCC named Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week for Sept. 7. Their stellar performances and strong leadership in recent matches earned them the WCC awards.

The one area that the Lions seem to be struggling with is committing fouls. They have 17 yellow cards on the season to their opponents' 14. On top of that, they are tied with their opponents 1-1 for red cards on the season. While this is definitely an area for improvement, their undefeated record shows that fixing this issue isn’t nearly as important as continuing to be successful in other aspects of the game.

As the season progresses, the biggest question is whether or not the Lions will be able to continue to sit at the top of the table and stay undefeated. If they stay aggressive on the offensive side of the field and continue to hold it down on the defensive side, there is no doubt that an undefeated season could be on the horizon for the Lions.

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