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7 just okay quotes for the class of 2025

As the second semester reaches its midway point, students at LMU are already looking forward to the next school year (some with more dread than others). New year, new classes to withdraw from only a couple days in and, perhaps most importantly, a new incoming class. With the class of 2025’s awaited arrival, the administration has bestowed upon the class of 2024 the great honor of choosing the incoming class’s class motto. I’ve recently given it some thought, considering quotes I find valuable to my own life, mostly an assortment of "Community" and "The Great British Baking Show" quotes, but there was no greater inspiration than my own class motto:

“I am and always will be a catalyst for change.” -Shirley Chisholm

A wonderful motto full of revolutionary feelings and motivation to create change in the world.

But this is the year for something different.

For too long our generation has been raised with the idea that we must become the world’s change-makers. I have heard my dad go on and on about the changes I should be making to the world, how my generation will fix the social, economic and environmental problems that plague us. I’ve had to hear this since middle school, but somehow I have never heard him call on his grown, adult coworkers to do the same. How was I, a child with Coconut Head-esque bangs and a rolling backpack, expected to save the world, but these adults can work a nine-to-five, go home, watch "Forensic Files" and call it a day?

Not to mention the guilt this “hustle-or-die” mentality gives. Despite being a person who couldn’t tell you what a “mitosis” is, I feel guilt everyday for not eliminating COVID-19 from this world. There is nothing to support this guilt, no scientific capabilities I have or sense of rationality. The sole power that keeps this guilt living is the idea that my generation was born to change the world, and therefore any moment not spent doing this is a moment wasted. Because of this, I think the greatest gift we could give the class of 2025 is a motto that embraces being average, peaking maybe once or twice or not at all and being completely fine with this. Let’s begin celebrating mediocrity with seven just okay quotes, for an ordinary life:

7. No matter what you do, always give it your 50% and maybe 70% on a good day.

6. When the going gets tough, go home. Take a bath. Drink some tea. Don’t let capitalism wreck you.

5. We are the future, and if that future is just the chance to own a home by the age of 35 then I’ll take it.

4. Failing a lot is an achievement in itself.

3. If you’re gonna fail, fail hard. (You can thank my high school comedy sportz team of annually less than 10 people for this one)

2. When life gives you lemons, hand them back. Especially if you’re allergic to citrus.

1. My motivation may be dead, but my succulents aren’t.

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