The Bluff Archives November 2020

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The legendary and beloved Alex Trebek left behind big shoes to fill – and the Bluff team has made a list of possible successors to the Canadian-American gem.

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The world-famous Call of Duty franchise has taken world conflict to new heights. Going beyond the battlefield, the gaming juggernaut now faces its toughest rival: history.

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As a growing number of states go through the process of a manual recount of the presidential election ballots, something truly remarkable has happened: It appears that a third party candidate seems to be winning the popular vote, as well as the Electoral College vote, purely off write-in vot…

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This week has been a lot. I haven’t really done much. I sorted emails. I went for a jog. I stared at a wall. There was a poster on the wall, but I didn’t even look at it. I think I switched my electric piano on and just kinda pressed the keys for a while, but it wasn’t even plugged in. Stres…

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