The Bluff is a humorous and satirical section published in the Loyolan. All quotes attributed to real figures are completely fabricated; persons otherwise mentioned are completely fictional.

Dear Agnes,

I’m in love with a woman. The only problem is, she’s not real. She’s a virtual waifu. I’m getting close to creating a holographic version of her. Once I do, I plan on eloping with her and I’m wondering how to break the news to my parents once we’ve tied the knot?

Please help,

Virtual Romeo

Dear VR,

Love is love is love is love. Whether physical or binary, you are free to love whomever you desire. To break it to your parents, it’d be best to have children with your “virtual waifu” first so there is no going back. I do hear digital wives are much more likely to commit infidelity than flesh wives.

01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 00001101 00001010 (good luck),


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