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K-pop stans break into Louvre, replace the Mona Lisa with fancam

It was a tranquil October night in the city of Paris when the French police headquarters received a shocking call from within the city. The Louvre had been broken into, and the culprits were long gone by the time one of the night guards noticed the security breach.

Aside from a demolished entrance door and some shoe scuffs on the marble tile, the damage to the world-famous museum was minimal. However, the crown jewel of the Louvre was gone. The iconic Leonardo Da Vinci portrait that resides on the first floor of the museum was nowhere to be found.

In its place hung a vertically positioned 30 × 21 inch plasma flatscreen, displaying a looping video of BLACKPINK’s Lisa dancing onstage. Upon further investigation, detectives labeled this video a “fancam,” a short video of a K-pop idol performing and dancing that is especially popular on Twitter.

Detectives then reviewed the CCTV footage and discovered that four masked individuals entered the museum through a shattered door and replaced the Mona Lisa with the other Lisa within minutes.

However, all four thieves stopped a number of times to take out their phones and type furiously into them. After zooming into the footage, detectives noted that the cell phones all displayed the same application on the screens: Twitter.

A cybersecurity team searched through Tweets from the time of the theft, and found a thread of four K-pop themed users talking openly about the heist:

@LISAPRINT: can’t believe i’m about to rob a whole museum… my criminal era omg

@jennie4: just detonated the explosive OMFG bye the glass literally shattered everywhere

@lalisacookies: does anyone know how to deactivate security alarms?? please DM me!!

@LISAPRINT: y’all we almost got caught by a guard this is literally so embarrassing

@jisooslay: mona lisa is such an ancient flop lol lisa washed her

@jennie4: WE GOT OUT OMG this painting is literally so heavy i’m cryingggg thank you to my heist besties we did that <3

Interpol has launched a full scale investigation, and is currently looking into the Twitter accounts involved to trace their respective IP addresses and track down the identities of those involved.

While the culprits are still on the loose with the Mona Lisa, BLACKPINK fans will be delighted to see their favorite Lisa dancing all day long in the middle of the museum's Italian paintings section.

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