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New wave of community-focused formals introduced

Three students part of LMU’s Greek Life spend their formal at a soup kitchen in downtown LA. This is part of a new initiative to implement Jesuit values into all areas of campus. 


At the end of each semester, you can start to see crowds of well-dressed, somewhat unsteady students making their way to U-Hall in what’s commonly known as “formal season.” However, this year, instead of going to a venue and spending money on drinks and regret, you can sign up for LMU’s new style of formals focused on community service — Formals for Friends, or FFF.

“The idea came from a combination of formal season and our burning, passionate desire to carry out LMU’s Jesuit ideals over everything else, even going out,” said Greek Life President Sasha Ramone, a junior education major. “This just really is the best of both worlds.”

Students are encouraged to dress up in formal wear, but instead of heading to a restaurant or lounge, they will be going either to the beach or to the parks and freeways. They will be given trash bags and gloves instead of wrist bands and drinks. There will still be a DJ, snacks and dancing, plus fun competitions including “most trash picked up” and “grossest item found.”

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said sophomore engineering major Phil Dickens. “It’s all the fun of dressing up plus the self-validation I get from doing community service.”

Future FFFs include volunteering in soup kitchens, helping clean homes around the community and even walking rescue dogs. All of these can be done in the finest clothes LMU students have to wear.

“FFF is really just the peak of what LMU is all about,” said Greek Life Advisor Sharon Hannon. “I’m so proud to see that LMU students are community service-focused, 100 percent of the time, all day every day.”

There will be a giveaway of specially designed LMU gloves for the first 10 students that sign up so you can pick up trash in style. Registration for FFF begins soon, so get ready to take some cute Instagram pics and have fun!


Sami Leung is a senior Psychology major from Cerritos, California. In her free time, she likes to read trendy books, go out to boba, and sing duets with her pet snake Elvis.

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