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Barstools is one second away from suing PreistStool for their oddly similar logo. 

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about oddly specific LMU-related Instagram accounts. Accounts like @ChicksThatTakePhotosofDaBluff and @Real_DormBros_of_Whelan_Hall focus primarily on memes and videos that highlight the daily lives and hijinks of specific groups on campus. None, however, are gaining the same social media traction that one account has amassed.

@PriestStool_LMU is an Instagram account that covers the day to day activities of the various priests around campus and boy is it exciting. Run by the Diverse Excellence in Various Ignatian Lifestyles organization, or D.E.V.I.L. for short, the account already has a wide array of videos. From memes to TikToks, @PriestStool_LMU has got you covered for your daily fill of Jesuit antics.

One of the account's most liked posts is a video from sophomore studio arts major Todd McVlog, a self-proclaimed actor and producer. In the video, Todd decided to attend a Sunday mass only to yell, “Hit the Woah, Father!” at local priest Father Sun. To the attendees' shock, Father Sun eagerly hit the Woah upon the request, completely “throwing off the vibe of the mass," according to junior computer science major Mitch Jablinsky, a regular churchgoer and proud electric skateboard owner.

Some speculate that Father Sun was bribed by McVlog and the rest of the team at D.E.V.I.L, but no evidence has proven this theory. The only evidence of possible bribery is Father Son making his daily stroll around campus in a fresh pair of kicks, a shoe that Father Son once joked he would buy once “the Lord starts blessing me with a paycheck.”

The shenanigans of @PriestStool_LMU have been met with a positive reaction from the LMU community, perhaps because it makes the clergy seem more relatable. Many students thought the priesthood was above doing stupid things like hitting the Woah, but if they’re allowed to participate in memes, they must be pretty cool.

@PriestStool_LMU is expected to continue growing within the upcoming months. The team behind the account simply wants the LMU community to know that priests are just like us. They too hit the Woah … but only for Jesus.

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