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Trump supporters fearful of election results, now turning to anime and "shifting" universes to cope.

While some groups within America have looked to the election with fear over the remains of an administration that threatens their livelihood and human rights, many have failed to see the most unrepresented and tragic fear that has plagued Trump supporters specifically: no more tangerine man to validate racism and misogyny.

Thousands of supporters are terrified. How will they feel safe throwing a fit over not wearing a mask in public? At family dinners, will they have to not make that comment on immigration anymore? How can people live knowing the head of government will be a little less inclined towards bigotry? A truly terrifying time for the right. This time is no longer hypothetical, but luckily neither is the solution. What is a white supremacist to do? Shift.

The phenomena of shifting allows fans of certain fictional universes to escape from reality and “shift” into the universe of their choice.

Apparently, this is not the same as the time I read and immersed myself into a 70,000 word fan-fiction about New Girl characters Nick and Schmidt to the point that I didn’t sleep for the next seven days after I finished, due to the immobilizing emotional attachment I had formed. Shifting includes writing a script to plot out your desired world and how you would like to be perceived in this world because, let’s face it, it would be much less exciting to shift if we still have to be the background character in this reality as well. Once the script is done, you...well you just shift? I wish I could elaborate more, but I still don’t really get it.

Trump supporters have specifically turned towards various anime worlds for shifting. We spoke with Eric Herman, a Trump supporter who aims to avoid a liberal-in-name America by shifting to the world of Attack on Titan. He attempted to show us his script but upon noting a surplus of wording that ranged from discomfort inducing to wildly offensive, we decided it’d be safer to just talk with Eric.

“I’m thrilled!” says Herman. “I’ve seen them use guns about these crazy powerful swords. Wait until the liberals hear about those. Now no one can take my weapons from me. I’ll finally be safe in the world without fear of some bigger person trying to take that safety from me.” Some of the Bluff team was concerned that Herman didn’t realize literal giant titans would be constantly threatening his safety in this world, but before we could say anything to Herman we realized he had begun shifting and we awkwardly let ourselves out of his house.

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