LMU's iconic Bluff letters are damaged following record rainfall in the area.

“There is noticeable erosion of soil from the Bluff in various locations, including but not limited to the area of the LMU letters,” said April Kately, Facilities Management senior director for construction, projects and infrastructure.

Drone photos from the Loyolan taken Thursday, March 16, show a visible crack in the letter "U," caused by soil erosion. The letters are made from poured concrete, according to Kately.

The University does not yet have a confirmed timeline for repairs as they are still assessing the damage. “We are currently reviewing this condition with a soils engineer who is working on an assessment and corrective measures,” said Kately.

Drone photos from the Loyolan also showed puddles of water on the path beneath the letters. “We are unaware of any current threat to the walking trail. However, conditions may change depending on the weather. Signage has been placed along the Bluff to make pedestrians aware of the current condition,” said Kately.

The University announced on Monday, March 13, that Facilities Management would use protective tarps to prevent further damage. "The University anticipates removing the tarp after the rain season and prior to commencement," according to LMU Newsroom. Kately shared that Facilities Management was not taking any further preventative measures at this time.

Los Angeles faced significant rainfall this season, with nearby Los Angeles International Airport reporting a new record daily rainfall total on Tuesday, March 14. On campus, rainfall continued through the early afternoon on Wednesday, March 15, and started again over the weekend.

Another storm is expected to hit the area this week, California’s 12th atmospheric river storm this year. LA can expect a 60% chance of above-normal precipitation through Wednesday, March 22, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Loyolan will update this story as it develops.


Amy Carlyle ('24) is.a screenwriting major from San Diego, Calif. She loves reading, live music and spending all of her free time at the Den.

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