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LMU honors annual Academic Award winners

2022 academic awards

LMU announced its Valedictorian, Scholar of the Year and Ignatian and Marian award winners at this year's Academic Award Convocation on April 21.

LMU’s 2022 academic award recipients were announced on April 21, including Valedictorian, Scholar of the Year and Ignatian and Marian award designees. The ceremony acknowledged LMU students for their scholarly achievements, university leadership and outstanding academic records. The comprehensive list of winners is included below.

Program Scholars

Accalia Christine Rositani

Alexander Richard Moore

Alyssa Drew Bobich

AnaMichele Kirsten Morejon

Annie Jade Heckman

Ashley Leann Thi

Blake Elena Marquez

Cady-Bree Abe

Cameron Kay Parra

Caroline Wallace

Christian H. Jackson

Crystal Campos

Daniel Karl Giles

Daria Elizabeth Young

David Jack Eisman

Declan James Tomlinson

Devyn Michelle MacEachern

Emil Adan Sol

Guillermo S. Gonzalez

Hayden D. Wheeler

Hayley Ann Markum Dennings

Ian Michael Green

Jayla Shizuko Ishikawa

Jeremy Matthew Lee

John Mauro

Jolie Venetine Brownell

Jordan James Soldo

Juan Carlos L. Roxas

Julia Ellen Trudeau

Kayla Beth Stuckenberg

Kayla Marie Work

Kelly Kassis

Lauren Ahlburg Rechner

Lillianna Marie Slaughter

Lizbeth Ramales Arango

Lorenzo Chase Lizardi

Marcella Maggio

Margaret Irene Driscoll

Meara Grace Boughey

Michaela Marie Galeski

Michelle Chernikova

Nicole Jacqueline Keegan

Nicole Marie Kielba

Nina Perl

Riley J. McCoy

Rohan A. Sepahi

Rose Isabel Williamson

Ryan Michael Lane

Sarah AiLan Nguyen

Shanequewa Love

Sofia Colette Miera

Tulsi Juhi Shah

Zachary Irving

College and School Scholars

Daniel Karl Giles

Emil Adan Sol

John Mauro

Kelly Kassis

Meara Grace Boughey

Michelle Chernikova

Simran Porwal

University Scholar of the Year

Michelle Chernikova


Christian H. Jackson

Presidential Citation

Alexa Danielle Walls

Alyssa Drew Bobich

Brion Lewis Dennis

Catherine Kennedy

Christian H. Jackson

Claire Anne Kosewic

Elena Sabdy Martínez

Emil Adan Sol

Erykah Iman Walton

Ethan Alexander Frisone

Harrison Aristorenas Hamm

John Mauro

Kamilah Roca-Datzer

Kylie Mackenzie Francisco

Leslie Sepulveda Ochoa

Lizbeth Ramales Arango

Malia R. Thornton

Michael Robert Liu

Nicole Hernandez

Simran Porwal

The Ignatian Award

Michael Robert Liu

The Marian Award

Nicole Hernandez

Arrupe DEI Award

Lizbeth Ramales Arango

Simone Patrice Butler

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