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One week into the Lunar New Year, a holiday celebrated primarily by Southeast Asian cultures, the United States—and California in particular—has witnessed a brutal surge in anti-Asian violence. In the midst of the global pandemic that we are all experiencing, it is more important than ever t…

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A heart-shaped box of chocolates, teddy bears and red roses are the common images we think of when Feb. 14 comes to mind. Instead of focusing on the materialistic symbols or the constant reminder of being single, I think we should have the day of love be based on self-love.

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In the wake of the new compost law in California, it is time we reflect on how much we actually know about recycling and create opportunities to learn more about it.

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As we sit down to write our New Year's Resolutions, I have one more thing for you to add to the list: to read more outside of class.

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