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  • EIP @ LOY style guide submission form
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EIP @ LOY style guide submission form

This form is a tool for community members to have a role in their representation in the paper.   


Language is constantly evolving, and due to the speed at which we reinvent terms, institutions can fall behind.  If there is a term that has yet to be included in our language, a term that should be removed from our language or a term you believe is incorrectly used, this form is where you can leave a suggestion for the Loyolan’s executive board and copy team to review.  


This is not a guarantee of change. One the jobs of a news source is to make sure information is accessible and understandable for the general public, using accessible language is part of that. The Loyolan will use discretion when deciding if a term should be added, removed or redefined from our lexicon.


When filling out this form please provide comprehensive and in-depth answers. A strong entry will include reasoning, background, sources and examples.  

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