What is the Loyolan Merit Scholarship?

Each fall and spring, the Student Media department and Student Affairs award scholarships to undergraduate students pursuing a degree at LMU who demonstrate a strong commitment to the Los Angeles Loyolan by serving in a leadership role. The Loyolan Merit Scholarship is meant to reward those who make the commitment of time, skill and spirit to serving the LMU community through their work at the Loyolan. It honors those who dedicate themselves to responsible journalism, and allows students from all walks of life and varying perspectives to continue their pursuit of truth.

What is the impact of the Loyolan Merit Scholarship?

Since the fund was established in 2008, 55 student staff members have received a scholarship. These scholarships are essential in allowing the Loyolan to attract and retain talented students. This allows students to gain meaningful experience in a co-curricular journalistic environment. Students interested in going into journalism learn valuable skills that they can take in their continued work in the field. Additionally, the tenets of leadership and responsibility that the Loyolan fosters benefit even those students who choose different careers after leaving the Loyolan. The Loyolan Merit Scholarship gives students the opportunity to grow — as journalists, yes, but also as people for others.

Previous Loyolan Merit Scholarship Recipients:

Class of 2025

Jennifer Woo
Khassim Diakhate
Kylie Clifton

Class of 2023

Chris Benis
Connor Rose
Katharine Leahy

Kennedi Hewitt
Yukana Inoue

Class of 2021

Alexander Hutton

Anastasiia Glushneva

Megan Leberknight

Miles Thomas

Class of 2019

Allie Crawford

Emily Rawson

Jermaine Johnson

Kellie Chudzinski

Sami Leung

Xochitl Pasten

Class of 2017

Christie Calucchia

Xian Wong

Class of 2015

Casey Kidwell

Devin Feldman

Ivetta Babadjanian

Zaneta Pereira

Class of 2013

Adrien Jarvis

Angelica Cadiente

Joe Demes

Class of 2011

Angelique Robinson

Jose L. Martinez

Levi Marks

Class of 2024

Amy Carlyle
Cerys Davies

Katie Nishimura

Class of 2022

Accalia Rositani

Christina Oyebade

Ellie Kinney

Jordan Boaz

Molly Box

Sammi Su

Veronica Backer-Peral

Class of 2020

Alyssa Reece
Jacob Cornblatt

Jessica Glassberg

Kayan Taraporevala

Meghan Mariani

Class of 2018

Elliot Britt

Gracie McManus

Isabel Ngo

Class of 2016

Jackie Jones

KiMi Robinson

Maria Nelson
Sarah Litz

Class of 2014

Brigette Scobas

Jackson Turcotte
Kevin Cacabelos

Kevin O’Keeffe

Tierney Finster

Class of 2012

Kenzie O’Keefe

Class of 2010

Danielle Corkhill

Julia Pine