Presentation on Female Rage, Activism, and Politicization

The Role of Rage was a brief presentation on Oct. 26 led by Dr. Nimmi Gowrinathan, founder and director of the Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative. Her discussions centered around her studies which were based upon aspects of female activism and understanding of politicized and radicalized women in South Asia.

“The female fighter forces us to understand these entrenched perceptions about her; the female fighter is someone people have a hard time understanding who she is,” Dr. Gowrinathan said during the presentation.

The majority of the discussion was to educate others on who the female fighter is and how rage is a factor in her life. She used the example of women who join movements like ISIS, explaining that women act autonomously. Gowrinathan aims to break the perception that female extremists are influenced by men. As women, they have their own politics and own motives as well. Gowrinathan emphasized that people make the mistake of scrutinizing female extremist in association to men, but not individuals apart from all gendered roles given to her.

Students resonated with her formulated and intellectual conversation for distinctive reasons. “It related to me because I am South Asian, I’m Pakistani, so it was interesting to see that she did a lot of work in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. In addition, her description of intersectionality and how it relates to feminism was well said,” said junior international relations and women’s and gender studies double major Khallisa Budhwani.

Junior political science major Madison Hernandez-Barber said, "As a political science major, it is easy to get caught up into politics and not see women and how they are differentiated in the political structure. This talk helped me understand how women are still defined by men in the political field."

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