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Arsh Goyal

Asst. Opinion Editor


<p>Arsh Goyal ('25) is an economics major from Dublin, Calif. He loves playing video games, following current events and writing about what he's passionate about.</p>

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With the announcement of their latest line of iPhones, Apple is once again demonstrating their anti-competitive tendencies, but their history of trapping consumers with their product has flown under the radar.

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Since the recent deplatforming of internet personality Andrew Tate for his misogynistic comments and inflammatory rhetoric, debate has raged on whether blanket bans are an effective way to stop the spread of toxic ideologies.

While viewership is dropping, digital popularity of the Oscars and the Olympics indicates that the broadcasters just need to catch up with the times before they kill off their product out of shortsightedness.

In our adult years, reading literature grows ever rarer of a hobby, with the focus shifting to pragmatic reading like biographies –– as a society, we should re-examine how we overlook and mischaracterize the value of reading fiction.

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