Cristobal Spielmann


Probably won’t use this often. Election 2020 Reporter and Asst. Opinion Editor for @LALoyolan (He/Him/His) LMU ‘22. ? ??


April 14th

Home town

Brentwood, TN

After the nightmare that was last week's presidential election, it's important to remember one institution that many LMU students don't and ar…

Democrat Joe Biden is now the president-elect of the United States, defeating the incumbent president, Republican Donald Trump, this morning after winning Pennsylvania. Our opinion section reacts to the aftermath of another grueling election cycle.

After the grueling election cycle of 2020, we still don't know who's the president-elect. Our opinion section reacts to the ongoing confusion of this bizarre night.

If you're currently glued to your Twitter feed, doomscrolling to find out what's happening on election night, the first ongoing discussion thr…

It's near the end of another chaotic election cycle, and it's yet another year that third parties will try, and fail, to have any semblance of…

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