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Was that the best photo you could find? It looks like it was taken during the Civil War.

Pat Rosen commented on Updates from the impeachment trial

LMU students and faculty had better just accept it now; Trump won't be impeached and he's going to be reelected. Democrats have offered no alternatives other than 'Orange Man Bad' and 'Everything is free after we tax everybody to death.' Get your crying and screaming and Facebook posts ou…

Pat Rosen commented on Recap of sixth Democratic debate

After this last debate it's obvious that Donald Trump is going to be reelected. No one on that stage will be able to compete and none of them will appeal to anyone not already on the hard left. Democrats' best bet is to find someone and start grooming them for 2024. Forget about beating T…

Doesn't every sorority accept new members? Why is this news?

Pat Rosen commented on Vote — no matter where you live

No. We don't need more people voting. Having everyone and their mother voting is what leads to career politicians who only care about lining their own pockets. It's how we get Presidential nominees who are hardly qualified. It's why Congress consistently has approval ratings in the teens …

'...and why Thanksgiving is a racist holiday because it fails to acknowledge Native American people and their involvement in history. '

This is patently absurd and untrue. Thanksgiving is a wholly unique holiday because it can be celebrated by anyone. People of any ethnicity, religi…

Simply put, 'diverse opinions are good unless they're different from mine, then they're bad.' You want to know how you get Trump? By pushing ideas like this, that's how.

Pat Rosen

Class of 1996

If you're a current student, hope your $100,000+ in student loans was worth it.

I challenge any student, alumni or faculty member to list one, just one thing that Ben Shapiro has ever said that could be considered 'hate speech.' Take your time.