PLAIN OLD LION commented on Why we need to condemn Joe Biden

And worst of all, his wife Jill insists on being called Doctor when, in fact, she has not received a medical degree but a Doctorate in early childhood education- And he smells like vapor rub.

PLAIN OLD LION commented on Students on Jussie Smollett

There does seem to be a great increase in the number of assaults against gays and people of color on themselves.

PLAIN OLD LION commented on The importance of political education

Yes, do go to a "safe place"
Close the lid.

PLAIN OLD LION commented on Head to head: Mueller's report

Sally- "Do not lose hope" What, exactly, does that mean?
Please understand- This is not a game or sport you are actually stating you hope there is some offense by the sitting, duly elected President that would cause the nation to go thru the convulsions of an impeachment and …

PLAIN OLD LION commented on Politicians should be allowed to flip flop

What you know about President Hoover could fit on the head of a pin.
Maybe you should have bribed your way into an American History class or two.

Today's Democratic "front runners" spin like cheap dorm fans, and even now know they can't fool 18 year olds, so they are reac…

Back in the closet with ye Nessie

I'm sorry, but you have nothing- No point, no evidence, nothing.

The fact that all this is brewing during "first amendment week" is not lost on those who are conservative and believe in science.
Standby, more from the "cafeteria catholic, pick-and-choose what to follow" administration coming on this matter soon and the back peddli…

PLAIN OLD LION commented on LMU ON: Oscar Nominations

It is all a matter of which group needs to be soothed between the films in each catagory-
It is actually pretty easy to get the winners- Just count the number of group "hits"...Gender, race, sexual deviation, add them up against the other films and bingo

PLAIN OLD LION commented on Don't let nationalism overtake patriotism

Hoping the President is successful is not a "zero sum" choice, and trying to drum up support for selective choice on what laws individuals follow is exactly what I would expect to be taught at a "cafeteria" pick-and choose institution that has lost all moorings and direction